When it comes to TV, we’ve never had so much choice. I don’t know about you, but I often feel overwhelmed by the amount of content on streaming services and can spend up to 20 minutes browsing the many menus, unsure of what I should commit to next. The combination of indecision and near unlimited... Continue Reading →


Writing Workshop – Saturday 13th July in Kirkcaldy

I'm delighted to be running a writing workshop at the Adam Smith Theatre in Kirkcaldy for Fife Writes on Saturday 13th July at 10am. It's suitable for writers of all ages and levels and, even better, is free of charge! For full details , visit the Fife Writes website here.

Email Hiccup – Please read if you’ve been trying to contact me

My dickson@dicksontelfer.co.uk email address may not be working. If you've sent me a message using this address recently and haven't received a reply, this is likely why. It won't be because I'm ignoring you - I always reply to emails and inquiries. For the meantime, please use dicksontelfer@hotmail.com and apologies for any inconvenience. D.


I'm in the process of updating and improving my website. Format wise I'm going round in circles at times, so things may not look how they should on certain pages. Will get it fixed up as soon as I can.

A wee update

It's been a while since I've done one of these update things. Thankfully, this is not because nothing has been happening, more that writing has taken a little bit of a back seat due to the success of other creative projects. The band I play bass in, L-space, has an album coming out on pink... Continue Reading →

Denny Writers

Last year, I was honoured to be asked if I'd judge Denny Writers' annual Quaich writing competition and visit the group in April 2017 to provide feedback and announce the winner.  I set a short story task with a choice of two themes - 'ambition' or 'clutter' - and received a high calibre of entries.... Continue Reading →

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