Christmas Pancakes!

I’m delighted to announce that my illustrated kids’ novel Christmas Pancakes – written under the pseudonym Dexter Trumpet – will be released by Black Wolf Edition in Oor-Wullie-book-sized hardback!

I first had the idea for Christmas Pancakes back in the mid-90s and wrote it as a half hour radio play.  Due to being an inexperienced writer at the time, it wasn’t executed particularly well, but I thought the story had potential, so kept a copy in a box up my parents’ loft.  In early 2015, when my mum was clearing some space, she came across it.  I re-read it and thought ‘I think I’ll re-write this as a novel.’

The manuscript is complete and is currently with an illustrator.  A Dexter Trumpet website will be created shortly followed by plans for a book launch and visits to schools and libraries.



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