A wee update

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these update things. Thankfully, this is not because nothing has been happening, more that writing has taken a little bit of a back seat due to the success of other creative projects. The band I play bass in, L-space, has an album coming out on pink vinyl on the Last Night From Glasgow label this September, so we’ve been busy recording, mixing and gigging. It’s exciting times. A published book and a vinyl release have been on my list since I was a young teenager, so to have achieved both is heartwarming.

Unfortunately though, my kids’ book, Christmas Pancakes, is (currently) not happening. It’s a long story, but it all got a bit ugly with the publisher due to illustration issues (trees in full bloom in the North Pole in December anyone?) so we agreed to terminate the contract. I’m currently looking for a new publisher but, as my fellow writers can attest, this is often a long and laborious process, sometimes involving days of work to receive zero replies. I believe in the story though, so won’t give up. if successful, my guess is it’ll be an autumn 2019 release. or 2020. Or 2021. Or 2026.

Editing service wise though, things are great. I have a regular client in London who’s working on a fantasy trilogy and have just finished editing another London-based author’s literary fiction novel about vices and football rivalry. I’ve also recently had a client from Seattle, whose character-driven self-published series was a joy to work on. To top it all off, I will soon be working with a self-improvement author from Glasgow. I couldn’t ask for a more diverse bunch of genres! I would never have met these people if it wasn’t for setting up the service, so I’m very pleased I did. If you’re currently looking for an editor, here is what people have said about me.

Although the above is what’s been taking up my time, I’ve still managed to do bits of writing here and there and have a short story, Finishing Off, in issue five of Razur Cuts magazine. Finally, I really need to update the photos on this site. Jeezo, I’ve still got hair in them! Last time I had hair was 2012! 🙂 Best get the camera out . . .


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