Christmas Pancakes – Price, Availability and the B word

My kids’ book, Christmas Pancakes, written under the pseudonym Dexter Trumpet, is now available on Amazon UK. The downside is the cheapest you can get it is around the £14 mark.

Just to explain, the book is published through an American publisher and, due to shipping costs and the pound being weak against the dollar (as a result of Brexit), this is what has led to the price being so high.

I had plans to do school visits in the lead up to Christmas, but the shipping costs would mean I’d be running at a loss, even after ordering in bulk and buying books at a little over print cost directly from the publisher. Needless to say, I’m really disappointed.

I’ve been working on Christmas Pancakes for a number of years and am really pleased with it. I do, however, understand that if kids can buy two David Walliams books for £7 from a supermarket, they’re likely to go for that over forking out £14 to £21 for a paperback from a new author. It’s fun book though, so if you can afford it, you should buy it!

This has been a learning curve and something I’m now cognizant of for any future discussions with publishers, especially if they’re based outside the UK.

I will shortly be receiving ten author copies, so once they’re here, I’ll speak to libraries in Falkirk, Lanarkshire and maybe a few other regions to see if they’ll stock it. Then you can all read it for free!

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