Refrigerator Cake

Refrigerator Cake cover“As refreshing a collection as you’re likely to come across.” – Gordon Legge.

Join a 92-year-old man in his quest for peace.  Place yourself in front of a class from hell.  Be surprised by your home town.  Discover the unsettling world behind the curtain of television.  Look dead fish in the eye.  Traipse your way through litter and text messages.  Bark with joy.  And don’t let anything stop you enjoying refrigerator cake.

“Dickson Telfer plays centre forward in a new wave of exciting young writers.  Read this book and you’ll know why.” – Joe England, editor of PUSH magazine.

“Dickson Telfer is a true original.  His stories are deceptively innocent, but pull you in with an undertow that can be sinister, moving or hilarious, often all at the same time.  He can create a character in a brushstroke and, brilliantly, we often don’t know whose side we’re supposed to be on until the last line.” – Mark Blayney, winner of the Somerset Maugham Prize for Two Kinds of Silence.

Illustrated by Amy Brownlee.

 The Red Man Turns to Green

TRMTTG_Front_Web-193x300“Dickson Telfer is the real deal and this debut collection is a sawn-off shotgun scattering humour, horror, sugar and grit. Get too close and its honesty will take your face off. Can’t wait to see what Telfer does after he’s reloaded.” – Alan Bissett.

When the red man turns to green, walk yourself into a world where killing a spider triggers vivid flashbacks; where unrequited love is never forgotten; where a shopping trip to Asda is a form of counselling; where filming for You Tube leads to more than mere voyeurism; where the sheep are very often blue; and where tea is the answer.

 “Dickson Telfer’s darkly comic tales sparkle like black diamonds. Written in a style as clean and direct as a switchblade, these stories cut through the mundane surface of modern life to reveal the disturbing, funny, surreal truths that lie beneath the quiet desperation. The Red Man Turns to Green is a sensational debut collection, full of surprises and dark pleasures, permeated with a generous compassion for the human condition.” – Vicki Jarrett.

“Guaranteed to challenge your perceptions, pre-conceived or otherwise, Telfer’s whacky take on life will never leave you feeling indifferent.” – Neal Sillars.

PUSH – Best of the first 10 issues


PUSH is great, excellent reading.” – Irvine Welsh.

“If someone asked me where a future Gerald Kersh, Alan Sillitoe or Irvine Welsh might be found, I’d tell them, buy a copy of PUSH.” – John King.

A slightly longer version of the Refrigerator Cake story ‘Ella 21:18’ appears in this anthology, which was originally published in issue nine of PUSH, a litzine sold in East London at West Ham games and gigs.  Editor Joe England has sold out of all issues of PUSH, evidence that he’s not only managed to get the regular punter reading short stories and poetry, but he’s got them paying for the privilege too.

There are some brilliant stories in this anthology as well as interviews and artwork.  ‘Tits’ by Allan Wilson, and ‘Flags’ by Abi Cornwell are particular highlights.  Available on East London Press.  For further info about PUSH magazine, click here.




An English language version of my story ‘Nose Art’ appears in this second PUSH anthology, available on East London Press.  For further info about PUSH magazine, click here.



Refrigerator Cake and The Red Man Turns to Green are available from Waterstone’s, Blackwell’s and some independents, as well as amazon and the Fledgling Press website.  Both are also available as e-books.  PUSH – Best of the first 10 issues and PUSH 2 are available from East London Press as well as in selected independent bookshops in London.  Alight Here is available from Waterstone’s and amazon.  Visit the Dickson Telfer amazon page here.



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