Refrigerator Cake

“As refreshing a collection as you’re likely to come across.” – Gordon Legge

Join a 92-year-old man in his quest for peace.  Place yourself in front of a class from hell.  Be surprised by your home town.  Discover the unsettling world behind the curtain of television.  Look dead fish in the eye.  Traipse your way through litter and text messages.  Bark with joy.  And don’t let anything stop you enjoying refrigerator cake. Illustrated by Amy Brownlee.

The Red Man Turns to Green

“A sawn-off shotgun scattering humour, horror, sugar and grit.” – Alan Bissett

When the red man turns to green, walk yourself into a world where killing a spider triggers vivid flashbacks; where unrequited love is never forgotten; where a shopping trip to Asda is a form of counselling; where filming for You Tube leads to more than mere voyeurism; where the sheep are very often blue; and where tea is the answer.

I’ve also had short fiction published in these anthologies:

PUSH, Alight Here and PUSH 2.


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