I play bass in the bands Vulture Party, Out of the Swim, and Artesan. I also play on the L-space albums Kipple Arcadia, Feed the Engines!, and Music for Megastructures, and a while back I was in a lo-fi band called Instant Forest.

Buy Vulture Party stuff: Vinyl Album – Vulture Party / Cassette Single – A: Sun Dance (Radio Edit), B: A Sunny Disposition (Waiting for You)

Here are some tunes:

Vulture Party downloads can be purchased via Bandcamp and CreamFloats.

L-space is on the Last Night from Glasgow label. You can buy the debut album, Kipple Arcadia, on pink vinyl here. Feed the Engines! is available on CD and Music for Megastructures is available through LNFG imprint, Komponist, also on CD.

Kipple Arcadia vinyl also available from Fopp on Union Street, Glasgow.

The self-titled Vulture Party LP is available through Last Night From Glasgow’s imprint, Hive.

Photo by Gail Watt, taken at the Happiness Hotel, Leith.
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