“I was impressed by the sheer level of detail.”

I offer an editing and proofreading service to writers at any stage of their careers.  Levels of service range from a basic proofread to a thorough line edit with accompanying reader’s report.

Fees are dependent on length of manuscript and flexible payment options are available.  I am happy to edit or proofread an excerpt free of charge, with no obligation to proceed.  Please contact me at dickson@dicksontelfer.co.uk for details.

What people have said:

“Dickson Telfer was prompt, professional, and went out of his way to go above and beyond what I was expecting. He has a true eye for clarity, reader’s flow, and his proofreading is superb.”M.P. Fitzgerald, author of the self-published series Existential Terror and Breakfast.

“Dickson’s constructive criticism on my debut novel proved to be crucial in ensuring the novel works. He highlighted the importance of ‘showing not telling’ and stripping out unnecessary words, considering both the reader’s enjoyment and my development as a writer. Dickson’s edits, comments and suggestions are essential if you want to ensure your work is in the right place before being considered by any publication house. Honestly, he can spot a comma in a different font during a power cut! Highly recommended.”Joe England, author of Hudson Lamb is Innocent (East London Press, 2018).

“His keen eye for detail and natural writing ability helped hone my project into a much slicker story.  I was impressed by the sheer level of detail he put into his work and I am incredibly grateful for every comment he made and comma he corrected.  I would absolutely recommend Dickson Telfer as a sharp, professional, and talented editor.”Samuel Best, author of Shop Front (Fledgling Press, 2015).

Dickson Telfer’s writing ability and eye for detail, combined with his enthusiasm for the written word, allows his editing style to compliment that of the author’s, ensuring their intention is never ignored.  His professionalism and knowledge of the Scottish writing scene were instrumental to the success of [Untitled] 6 and 7.” – Craig Allan, founder and editor of [Untitled].

“Dickson provided me with an opportunity to gain a fresh perspective on my writing.  I received detailed, constructive and unique feedback that has been of great benefit to my development as a writer.”Jane Cook.

“Masterful editing and proof reading with a style and effervescence that never disappoints.”Derek Steel, founder and editor of Razur Cuts magazine.

“Dickson Telfer proofread two anthologies of PUSH, published by East London Press in 2014 and 2015 respectively. He was thoroughly professional and diligent on both counts, providing important suggestions as well as being first class at spotting typos that only a trained eye could locate. There is no question that the books would have been all the poorer without his important time and contribution to the final edit. Not only was his feedback positively clinical but he also provided a warm sense of humour when making crucial recommendations for various changes to text and format. It was both a great and rewarding experience working with him.”Joe England, founder and editor of PUSH magazine and editor of subsequent PUSH anthologies.




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